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2018 Fun in the Filed Photo Links

Since we had so many good photos thanks to our volunteer photographers Mary Wright, Rob Hogsette and Kim Zaborniak, after making the highlights link I sent out a few days ago, I made individual Google photo links for each one of you who had dogs entered. I thought I’d share them with you all, thinking at first you’ll look at your own dog(s), but some of you might also want to see the shots of your friends’ dogs. All in all, we had a whole lot of exciting Airedale action this year, so be sure to download your favorite photos to save on your own computer, plus feel share to make prints, share on Facebook or other social media, or even just with your friends and family.

Let’s get started:

Photos of Higgins (Mary Wright)

Photos of Remi and Elsa (Sherri Glass)

Photos of China and Pete (Joyce Contofalsky)

Photos of Marilyn Wigley’s four dogs

Photos of Susan Hogstte’s Hershey

Photos of John Bell’s Libby

Photos of Kim Zaborniak’s Elliott

Photos of Diane Maxwell (Cullen) Tuck and Roxie

Photos of Halvorsons’ Bruce and Mike

Hope you all enjoy your photos!


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