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Photo Gallery

2024 HWA fun in The Field Photos



HWA Nationals 2023 Hunting Instinct, Fur work, Workshop Photos

(Working the raccoon prior to the ATCA Fur Test, and  lots from the

workshop led by pro retriever trainer Bridget Bodine.)

HWA Nationals 2023 Photos from Pheasant Hunting Photos

(Each photo has a caption to identify the dog and owners.  Some devices will show the captions along the bottom of the photo.  Other devices may made you click the encircled i icon in the upper right corner,  and the Information panel comes up, scroll down to find the caption.)



HWA Nationals 2022  - Friday Photos
( Raccoon practice tracking, ATCA Fur Hunt Test, Barkathon, Hunting Instinct Test, 

and  commentation by  Claudia Weakland; Search and Rescue)

HWA Nationals 2022 - Saturday and Sunday Photos

(Beginners’ group workshop,  individual retrieving work,  retrieving pheasant in the upland field, and  Banquet photos.)  


2022 HWA Fun in The Field Photos



HWA Nationals 2021 - Friday Photos

HWA Nationals 2021 - Saturday and Sunday Photos

2021 Fun in the Field: Pheasant Hunting

2021 Fun in the Field: Fur Hunting



HWA Nationals 2019 - Friday Photos

HWA Nationals 2019 - Saturday and Sunday Photos

2019 Fun in the Field: Fur, Frolic, Friends

2019 Fun in the Field:  Pheasant Hunting

2018 ATCA Fur Test, Retrievers' Workshop, Barkathon, and Hunting Instinct Test Photos

2018 Land Series of the Upland, Retriever Test, Banquet and Auction, 
Water Series of Upland and Retrievers and Awards Photos


2018  Fun in the Field


2017 Fun in the Field Photo Collage


 2016 Fun in the Field Photo Collage

2016 HWA Field National Photo Collage


2015  HWA Field Nationals Photos


2014 HWA Field Nationals Photo Collage

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