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HRC Exclusion News

HWA regrets to announce that Airedale Terriers are no longer allowed to participate in the UKC’s Hunting Retriever Club Hunt Tests. In an official statement in the August/Sept. 2018 issue of the club's "Hunting Retriever" magazine, Todd Kellam, UKC Senior VP wrote in part: "At the 2017 HRC National Meeting, UKC made recommendation to the Executive Committee that 'and Airedale Terriers' be removed from the Who Can Participate' section to clean up some wording and for lack of participation from the breed. However, this exclusion wasn't well communicated to regional HRC clubs, and in fact several Airedales participated, earned points and even titles after January, 2017 exclusion date. Those Airedales and the clubs that allowed them to enter HRC tests and earn titles didn't become aware of this ban until spring of this year. Upon appeal to the UKC Board, the UKC Board and HRC Executive Committee decided that the five Airedales who earned HRC points or titles after January, 2017 would be allowed to continued in HRC events. No "new" Airedales will be allowed to participate.We're so sorry to have to let those Airedalers among us who might have been interested in running future HRC tests know this bad news, but we wish continuing success in HRC tests to those Airedales who got started on their titles while the going was good.

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